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Criteria is a state-of-art in-flight catering management system that is developed for companies in airline catering business. Criteria is a web based, robust and reliable real-time solution...


Define your customers as active, passive or potential. Determine your customers, such as “Airline Company”, “Agency” or “VIP”. Create ERP related current account definitions...


Define staff/personnel manually or import staff information from HR software. Define roles of the personnel. Define units, departments and positions. Define Criteria users and authorize them...

Smart Code

Use “Intelligent Coding System” to define sales codes which is designed for products to be intelligible and traceable in the system. Keep track of provisions and materials...


Define process steps, and include input volumes and descriptions. Calculate costs based on production time of products and semi-finished ...


Define Specs as active, passive or potential. Send potential customer’s Spec order to the production unit. Create unlimited number of potential/offer Specs...

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Get the ultimate tool for airline catering management: Criteria's Airline Catering Management System.

03 Jan, 2023
Flights Management

Select company and set arrival and departure times for its flights Define the route and the number of flight legs Select and change the configuration of the flights Define orders as FC/BC/EC/Special Choose Uplift and Handling. Send pre-orders to the kitchen or beverage as production plan Assign staff or vehicle for a flight Issue delivery notes and transfer them to ERP system Monitor all flight details on LCD screen Use the description fields

01 Jan, 2023

Previously planned and sent orders are taken to Transport, passing through Kitchen, Setup, Asem units Instant access of the production status Save the logs of transaction stages of each order until the closing of the aircraft via production tracking Easily fallow the canceled, completed and transported operations in different colors on the screen Monitor instant, real-time flight information Receiving operational confirmations from kiosks allows you to keep track of information such as time of completion, sender and receiver units of the operations In case of any delay, system warns the operation unit by signalization Monitor details like which process is completed in how much time, delays and other order information for every flight Allows you to follow the orders by receiving “Instant Production Planning”

01 Jan, 2023

Define commission rates Enter handling and transport information Define the route map and/or flight points of company Define company’s planes according to the tail numbers and configurations Assign customer representatives Assign the international firm codes Add the customer’s logo, document or picture